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British Banners is a professional Internet banner service providing quality advertising in the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you are in the UK or Ireland and would like to promote your site to a large UK audience then take advantage of our free banner service. All you require is a Banner 420* 60, of your company or product. We show your banner and you place our quality banners from other members on your page, That's it !! sit back and watch the counter climb with ridiculous numbers. If you would like to show a smaller banner 130*40 then click here. (Under construction)

By placing a British Banners TAG on your site at the top or bottom of the page or at any other position, you will get credits for every Click through you get, a ratio of 1 to 1 rather than the normal rate of 2 to 1 allowing your banner to be advertised on other sites more frequently hence attracting more visitors to your site. ( Small Print this is a totally free service the object is to afford the UK quality advertising and is sponsored by multimedia

It works to the benefit of all, you show someone's banner on your site and in turn you have your banner advertised on other sites.

You have total control over your account, with your own control panel allowing you to view log by day week hits and edit your details at any time.

Web Masters may add more than one banners to the same account.

Zoning by area content, in order to get your message to the right people in the right area at the right time.
Choose the size of banner you would like to display.

By placing banners on multiple page on your site you are able to increase your exposure.

British Banner Exchange is free none profit, all you need to promote your site, is a banner of good quality, join British Banners and sit back and watch the traffic grow to your site. We do not mind where you place your banner on your site or pages, however in a prominent position is to the advantage to all, and we do give extract credits for this. But please do not join get the free credits and then not show a banner on your site, the service is free after all.

When you first join your account will be credited with 1500 free exposures. This basically means that your banner will be show 1500 times on other sites in rotation, then you will get one exposures for each banner shown on your site.

Hit the JOIN Button and you could be up and running in minutes, and have the edge over your competitors + 1500 FREE Credits to new members. We will also give away extra credits for :

This is not necessary just an advantage  
1 Placing the banner at the top of your page
500 Impressions FREE
2 Placing a link back to our site
750 Impressions FREE
3 Recommending a new member. 1000 Impressions FREE

Banners should be 420*60 of good quality and no more in size than 8k. If you are unable to create your own banner then get our free banner service to create one for you. Just send us your details to Syte

British Banners is a family oriented service so all contents of displayed banners should be created with this in mind.

British Banners DO NOT use or sell your mail address and do not use it for any other reason than that of communicating between you and the service requested.

If you are wanting to increase the traffic to your site and target you audience Click Here to join for 420*60 or here for 130*40 Banners.

British banners has the support of Multimedia Consultants for any site support you may have

All the banners advertised are subject to webmaster approval before being released to the world.

Sponsored by Multimedia
18 years in digital technology

Thank you for your Interest in British Banners and hope to see you again soon Est 1993

WARNING After joining prepare your site for heavy traffic !



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